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Deer Hunting From a Tree Stand

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Deer Hunting From a Treestand - A Summary

Tree stands may be permanent structures with built in ladders, portable ladder types that are either purchased or constructed, store-bought hanging stands, or store-bought self-climbing types. Some general observations and tips are given below:

  • To actually get high enough to eliminate scent, you need to be near 30 feet up. For bow hunting, this gives you a poor shot angle. Hunting at a lower height, even 12 or 15 feet will get you out of a deer's line of vision but one must assume that deer down wind will detect you. Many opt for about 20 ft. One should always wear a safety harness! And if one hunts high, wear the harness as you are climbing! Falls can kill!
  • Putting up stands on the day you hunt makes noise, so if you must do this, place your stand up at mid day.
  • Ideally, you will want to locate your stand between a bedding area and a feeding area.
  • Keep wind considerations and deer movement patterns in mind when you choose stand location. Scout well in advance. Also, prepare clear shooting lanes well in advance. On public lands, pin down small trees & brush with logs where cutting is prohibited.
  • Have multiple stands and/or stand locations and only hunt a particular stand when wind conditions are right.
  • Do not "over-hunt" a single stand since deer will detect you at some point and avoid the area. Again, multiple stands is key.
  • Conceal your stand, using one of the methods described in the article below. My preference is to have stand in evergreens so there is natural cover around me year round..

Deer Hunting

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Hope this page helps you hunt deer from a tree stand better!


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