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How to Still Hunt For Deer

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Still Hunting Techniques - A Summary

Still hunting is a method of hunting where you walk through the woods at a slow enough pace to be undetected and sneak up on the deer and also let the deer come to or by you. Some basics are listed below:

  • Know where the deer will be so you can monitor their trails as they move. This involves scouting the woods in the off-season so you know their bedding areas and trails.
  • If the woods is dry and there is little or no wind, you may not want to still hunt since it is virtually impossible to move through the woods without making noise. On the other hand, a very stiff wind or a wet woods make it easy to move without noise. Sometimes you will want to wait for the gusts of wind to make your moves.
  • Typically, you might cover 100 yards in an hour. You will carefully and slowly take a few steps to find a good place to stop (like behind a large tree) while you watch for any movement. Too quick of movements will give away your position.
  • Keep your profile low. If needed, even quietly crawl under cover rather than going over it.. Wear good camouflage clothing.
  • Keep your scent controlled as much as possible.
  • Plan your hunt according to where you know the deer will be and what direction the wind is blowing. For example, if you know that a bedding area is 200 yards in (up wind from you) and you wish to be near the area by 3:30PM to stand for the last hour, start your still hunt at about 1:30PM.
  • If you have not still hunted before, start with gun hunting. You can still hunt with bow and arrow, but it take a lot of practice and skill. And you will be taking shots more in the 30+ yard range.

Deer Hunting

Still Hunting While Bow Hunting Whitetails - In this archery forum discussion, different hunters share their strategies for taking deer by stalking. Very tough to do with a bow! They mention use of windy and rainy conditions as key. Still Hunting While Bow Hunting - BIG THREAD - In these 4 pages of archery forum discussions, still hunting is discussed and some basics methods are outlined. Noise, scent, and visual concealment are discussed. How to Still Hunt - a Video Demonstration - This video demonstrates how to quietly walk and how to remain unseen. Great video!
7 Steps For Still Hunting - This article gives some very good guidelines for still hunting (stalking). Move slow, stay in shadows, hunt the wind, and more.

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Hope this page can help you have success still hunting for deer!


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