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Deer Hunting Basics - Deer Shot Placement

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Deer Shot Placement - A Summary

Shot Placement For Deer - Take a good shot when you get the shot! The sites listed below give shot placementsome pretty good advice. Personally, I want a broadside shot a little back from the front leg about midway up the deer, and contrary to many, just at the top edge of the heart rather than dead center on the heart. See the photo on the right or here. This places the shot dead center in the lung area and allows the most margin for error, especially when bow hunting - generally you can nearly always retrieve a lung-shot deer. If you are low you are in the heart, and if a little back you are in the liver, still a fatal shot. Note the "No Kill" zone just up from the lungs in my photo shown right - a horizontal shot from a ground blind or low tree stand in this area often will leave your deer to roam the woods, even with a pass-thru shot! I can testify to this "No Kill Zone" as well as these other hunters. Shooting down from a high tree stand, however will probably hit the lungs or spine - it would be almost impossible to pass between lungs and spine shooting down at the deer without hitting lungs or spine. So if you hunt from 20+ ft up and are shooting down at the deer, disregard this "no kill zone".

If you are too low on the body and happen to miss the heart, you will not get the deer. A gut-shot deer may be retrieved (with some luck), if you give it 6 or more hours to bed down, but obviously this is not a preferred shot. Do not shoot a deer with front of body facing you or facing directly away! At best, you might get the deer (with a gun, not a bow) but will also shoot through the guts and the possibly the hind quarters, thus spoiling much of the meat. A deer that is angling away from you a little, however, is not a bad shot, since you will shoot through the vital organs but not the guts. Head shots (with a gun) are not a good bet and you may risk simply shooting off the jaw, leaving a wounded deer to slowly starve to death.

Deer Hunting

Best Shot Placement, With Diagram - This article discusses shot placement, with a very nice diagram of the deer with vital organs shown - print this one out! Online Tool For Best Shot Placement - This page features an online tool that compares your shot placement with shots of other deer hunters Bow Hunting Shot Placement - Nice in-depth article on the best shot placement with a bow. Shows photos of deer standing in different positions.

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Hope this page is helpful in your taking a good shot!


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