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Deer Hunting Scent Control, Cover Scents, & Scent Free Hunting Clothing - Recipe for Homemade Scent Killer

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Scent Control and Cover Scents - Summary

Scent control starts with clothes and body that are cleaned by scent-free products. In order to obtain scent free hunting clothing, start with a scent and whitener-free laundry detergent for washing your hunting clothes. Before hunting bath using a bar of "hunter's soap". Many hunters recommend tossing in some baking soda when you wash the clothes and even mix it in with your bathing soap, as mentioned in the article below. Dry your clothes on the line outside, not in the dryer - the fresh air itself will eliminate odors with its ozone.

To achieve scent free clothing, store your clothes in a clean bin somewhere outside away from gas or human odors. And some recommend tossing in some dry baking soda and many others recommend placing some locally growing pine or cedar bows in with the clothes.

Relatively few hunters recommend scents that cover your scent with another scent, like skunk urine or raccoon urine. And deer urine will cover your scent but also draw attention to you - I know this from experience!

Most hunters subscribe to using "scent killer" type sprays. These odorless sprays neutralize human odors. "Scent Killer" and "Scent Shield" are popular brands, and "Dead Down Wind" and "Scent Killer 99%" are considered the best bets. I believe they work, to an extent, and I use them.

A common recipe for odorless homemade scent killer for deer hunting, posted by a hunter on ArcheryTalk, is given below:

16 oz. hydrogen peroxide (3% type you buy in a grocery store)
16 oz. distilled water
1/4 cup baking soda
1 oz. deer hunter's unscented shampoo

(1) Mix together so all ingredients dissolve
(2) Pour in clean plastic container that isn't tightly sealed and let sit for a few days
(3) Pour into clean spray bottles.

Finally, there are the activated carbon type hunting clothes. There are mixed views on whether or not these are worth the steep price, but most who use them claim they work well.

In conclusion, scent-free combined with perhaps some natural earth or pine/cedar needles seems to be best at not attracting the deer's attention. Some will rub on the dirt after they are in or near their stand. Baking soda, scent killer sprays, and activated carbon suits can help in achieving this goal. Above all, virtually every hunter will tell you that no scent prevention strategy is 100% effective - one should always try to hunt downwind from where deer are expected to be.

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Hope you can make good use of this scent control info!


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