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Hunting the Rut for Whitetail Deer

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Hunting the Rut - A Summary

There are different phases of "the rut". The peak of the rut occurs around November 10th in most areas but the time before this can be very productive as well. Read about all the different phases here. Bucks use their noses at this time perhaps more so than any other time of year, so if you are upwind from them, you will probably alert them. Also, most agree that the bucks will do all of their "doe scouting" from down wind of the does. They will also check out other intruding bucks from down wind. This means that if there are does in an area, expect a buck to show up just down wind from them. Also, if you are calling or rattling, expect the buck to circle around downwind from you (which perhaps explains why many try rattling and see nothing).

You should position downwind from a trail leading up to the does or do your rattling such that the buck can not get downwind from you, as explained here. Also keep in mind that if you rattle or call too often, you are allowing the buck to pinpoint your location. Mock scrapes and scent lures can be very effective during the time of the rut, but don't push the deer out by putting a mock scrape in a bedding area. Keep your scent highly controlled and avoid leaving your scent on the trails you hunt. The articles below should be helpful.

Deer Hunting

Mock Scrape Basics Video - A video describing why scrapes are used by deer and how to make mock scrapes at the time of the rut. Nice video! Rattling a Deer in During the Rut and in Early Season - This page gives some great info on where to set up as you rattle and what type of rattling to use at different times of the season. Some nice diagrams! Do Deer Lures Work? - These hunters relate their experiences. For some the scent lures can be very effective during the rut.
Five Part Series on Hunting the Rut - This series tells how, when, and where to hunt whitetail deer during the rut - Highly Recommended! The Whitetail Deer Rut - a Summary - This comprehensive article describes every aspect of the white tailed deer rut, from early fall to post-rut. I would recommend starting with this article! Using Deer Decoys, Calls, and Scents - How to use decoys, calls, and scents in the early season, prerut, and rut

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