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How To Use Mock Scrapes To Hunt Deer

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Mock Scrapes For Deer Hunting - A Summary

Mock scrapes consist of a 2 ft diameter circular area of ground with vegetation cleared out with a large stick from the woods, deer urine mixed in with the bare soil, and an overhead "licking branch" 5 feet up with preferably a preorbital gland scent applied. These mock scrapes are used by many hunters to attract both bucks and does during the rut. Also, many hunters claim these mock scrapes are effective during the pre rut and will create them as early as August. Methods for creating mock scrapes mentioned in nearly every article require the use of rubber gloves, boots, and scent controlled clothing. Either use scent-lok type clothing or spray down with a good scent killer type spray when you create the scrape. Some hunters say that a deer urine product is sufficient for the licking branch but others maintain that a pre orbital gland scent that matches what the deer would naturally use is best.

Mock scrapes should be created in mid-day when deer are less active. And watch the wind - if it is blowing toward your bedding area, this is not a good time to create your mock scrape. Ideally, you will create a scrape that will bring deer past your stand. So before creating the mock scrapes, scout the area and carefully choose your stand location.

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