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Choosing a Good Deer Hunting Rifle, Shotgun, & scope

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Deer Hunting Rifles, Shot Guns, and Scopes - A Summary

A good deer hunting rifle for shorter range hunting (30-150 yd shots) is the 30-30. This short, light gun is easy to carry through the woods and is a favorite of many "big woods" hunters, including myself. Note that you should not use this rifle for any shot over 150 yards as it lacks the knock-down power and the bullet will lose trajectory as well. For a gun that will be occasionally used for those "across the field" 200+ yard shots, the 30-06 is by far the most recommended gun. There are other calibers and types that will work fine as well, as discussed in the articles below.

Shotguns may only be used in some areas. Also, some new hunters like to use their shotgun for both deer hunting and small game. The most recommended shot gun "slug gun" is the Remington 870 model. You can get a package that features a rifled barrel to give you great accuracy and also includes a smooth barrel for small game hunting. Note that beyond 100 yds, the shotgun slug will lose trajectory (which is why they are the only gun allowed in some open areas).

Choose a hunting rifle or shotgun scope that meets your needs. If your shots are typically 30-100 yds, then an inexpensive low-power scope may be sufficient. And for close range, lower power is desirable. For 200+ yd shooting, you will want a somewhat better quality scope that will not be easily bumped out of aim. There are many different recommendations for scopes in the articles below, but the lower priced scopes in the reputable brands like Leupold, Bushnell, and Nikon are often recommended.

Deer Hunting

What is the best Whitetail Deer Hunting Rifle? - About 50 deer hunters give their opinion on what the best deer hunting rifle is. They discuss that shooting range and hunting conditions. Some Affordable Long Range Scopes - This article discusses a few scopes that are affordable and dependable for those 400 yd shots. A Good Hunting Rifle Scope For $100 to $300 - Hunters discuss options for a modestly priced scope for your rifle.
What Scope For My Deer Hunting Shot Gun? - These hunters offer input on what a good scope for a shotgun slug gun would be. What is a Good Shotgun Slug Gun for Hunting? - There is a discussion of what shotgun to use for deer hunting.

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Hope you find the hunting gun or shotgun that is right for you!


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