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Hunting Bows, Arrow Rests, and Mechanical Releases

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Hunting Bows and Accessories - A Summary

Finding a good bow package for hunting can be intimidating if one is striving to spend less than $500. But it can be done. Your first step should be to do a little research to get a feel for some popular bows. You could probably spend a lot of time doing this, or you can rely on other hunters experiences. The link below giving opinions on the best bow under $500 could be a good start. Most will agree that Mathews makes one of the best bows, but at prices pushing $1000, this is out of the budget of many. Mathews, however, makes a lower priced line (but still good quality) called Mission Bows and I purchased a complete Mission Craze package for around $400. A great place to get a bow online is Hunter's Friend - their prices are low and they test and site in your actual bow with the arrows, sight, & rest of your package. Another good option is to get a bow at a pro shop that specializes in archery equipment with a shooting range on site - they will also set up your bow on the spot and allow you to sight in before you go home.

whisker biscuitYour bow needs an arrow rest and some are pricey, but you can get a good one without spending excessive amounts. From the opinions given by most hunters, either a whisker biscuit or a drop-down rest is preferred. Both of these rests hold your arrow in place and also offer little or no interference with flight. A standard rest, on the other hand, can and will interfere with your arrow flight, as well as producing noise on your pullback. The articles listed below discussing arrow rests will provide a bit more insight. Personally, I just switched to the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit and am liking it so far. Something you should know about the Whisker Biscuit is that it can be very noisy with some arrows, yet very quiet with others. If you use the Whisker Biscuit, you should bring your bow along when getting your arrows to see how quiet they are when drawing back. Gold Tip Expedition arrows pull back very quietly with the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit. I found that Beman ICS Hunter arrows (shown right) pull back even a little quieter than the Gold Tips so I went with this arrow. Note that these were size 400 arrows and this was a medium size rest. The Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit, priced at about $35, is perhaps the most affordable rest you can get that performs well.

You will need a mechanical release. The release gives you a consistent release of the arrow on each shot. Typically, hunters shoot with a caliper type release. I like the T.R.U. Ball release because it is not a "hair trigger" type but other hunters like a hair trigger. Tru Fire is a very popular brand, as you will read in the opinions given in the link below. I would suggest you try out a few different releases at a pro shop that has an indoor range.

Arrows come in carbon or aluminum. Most hunters now use carbon arrows since they are lighter, faster, and drop less for longer shots. Carbon Tech and Carbon Express are popular brands cited by hunters in the discussion linked below. The Gold Tip Expedition arrow is cited as a good quality arrow at an economical price.

Broadheads come in many different brands and prices. Two types are fixed-blade and expanding blade types. Most like fixed-blade. There are lots of "favorites" but most will agree that the 3-blade fixed blade broadhead by Muzzy is a dependable broadhead at a price that is not outrageous. Probably the best fixed-blade is the Montec G5, at about $8-13 a piece - this blade is single piece, so there is no blade movement, and you may resharpen it easily while still on the arrow with a sharpening stone by doing two edges at a time, hence giving you perfect sharpening angle - this is my choice!

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Hope this page helps you find the bow package that is right for you!


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