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Deer Hunting From a Ground Blind

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Deer Hunting From a Ground Blind - A Summary

Ground blinds consist of pop-up store-bought blinds, camouflage material enclosing an area, or a blind made from all natural materials. Things to consider are listed below:

Ground Hunting Blind
  • Regardless of what the blind is made of, you will want to "brush it in" with natural materials. These can be pine boughs, sticks, leaves, or grass. The blind should be near invisible. It is helpful to nestle you blind in between or behind a few evergreens.
  • A very inexpensive homemade ground blind may be made of camo burlap, stapled to 54" 1x2 wood sticks with cut off pole barn spikes in the ends for sticking in the ground. (Shown on Right)
  • Set up your blind a few weeks in advance if you can. Otherwise, set up at about noon if you are going to hunt the evening. Be careful about noise! Pop-up type blinds can be very noisy.
  • Blinds made of natural materials may generally be set up as permanent blinds on public lands where as man-made blinds must usually be only set up on the day of use. Another nice feature of a natural blind is that deer do not see it as a "foreign object". Still, if one constructs a natural blind a day or two before the hunt, this may draw the deer's attention. So set up well in advance.
  • Pop-up blinds can contain much of your scent, but if a window is opened, scent will escape. So hunt the wind with pop-up blinds and all other blinds. Mesh shoot-through windows can help contain scent, but make sure you practice shooting through the window at a target. Also, keep your blind scent free as possible.
  • Unlike a tree stand, you will be in the deer's line of site. Stay hidden! Brushing in the blind can help with this a lot.

Deer Hunting

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