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Scent Lures, Homemade Deer Lures, and Decoys for Deer Hunting

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Deer Lures, Scent Attractants, and Decoys - A Summary

Food Sources include food plots (legal in all or nearly all states) and food items like apples, peanut butter, etc. Food plots are perhaps your best deer attractant as it provides what every deer needs and wants. Also, food plots may be put in during the spring or late summer and then left alone until hunting season, thus eliminating the need for the hunter to be revisiting and leaving scent. Food plots may be put in with a tractor, ATV, or even just some gardening tools. Food items mentioned in the articles below consist of corn (most cited), peanut butter, molasses, apples, and numerous homemade deer lures. These food items generally work well but are not legal in many states during all or part of the year (check your regulations). Apples naturally falling from a tree will be legal in most or all states. The drawback of placing food items out in the woods is the need to keep replenishing the supply, and thus bringing your scent into the hunting area - this may be minimized by only bringing the food items to the edge of your hunting area so that you stay as far away from their bedding areas as possible.

Mineral Supplements include salt blocks, mineral blocks, deer cane (product), and concoctions made from ingredients obtained at an agricultural supply store. Some or all of these products are not legal in all states during all times of the year, so check your regulations. These mineral sources tend to be most effective in the spring and summer, when does need extra minerals or bucks need minerals for antler growth. Hunters that use these types of supplements will tell you how much the deer will dig up an area that has had these supplements. A benefit of supplements is that once deer start to use them and paw up an area, they will return to that area in following years.

Scent Lures consist of deer urine type products that attract deer via curiosity or mating instincts. There are mixed opinions on the effectiveness of such scents used before the rut (mating season) but most will agree that deer urine type products are effective during the rut. Some hunters will create mock scrapes consisting of deer urine on a scraped out area during most or all of the season - see the mock scrape section. Some hunters also use deer scent type products as cover scents, but from my experience this has worked for younger deer but sent mature bucks running after they zeroed in on me - better to keep such scents far from you. In summary, scent lures can be effective if used in the right way. Some hunters keep scent glands from deer they harvest to create their own scent-type homemade deer lures.

Decoys consist of realistic deer replicas placed in a visible location during your hunt. Take care with your scent and only use the decoys during your hunt - do not place days in advance!

Deer Hunting

Deer Attractants From Your Feed Store and Grocery Store - This article discusses deer nutritional needs and also how to make your own effective attractants from ingredients you can buy at a feed store or grocery store. Note that many of these attractants would be considered bait, so check your game laws. Cover Scents vs. Deer Lure - A bunch of hunters give their opinions on cover scents and deer lures. Do Deer Lures Work? - These hunters relate their experiences. For some the scent lures can be very effective during the rut.
Opinions on Deer Cane and other Attractants - Some archery hunters give their opinion on deer cane and other whitetail deer attractants What are the best deer attractants? - These hunters talk about the best attractants to use for whitetailed deer. These include store bought lures and food crops. Natural Deer Lures and Attractants - A number of different hunters share their formulas for natural deer attractants.
Using Deer Decoys, Calls, and Scents - How to use decoys, calls, and scents in the early season, prerut, and rut The Basics of Using Decoys - Explains how and where to set up decoys. Very good article for those just starting to use decoys!

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