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Deer Hunting Basics - Good Tips for Hunters

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Basic Deer Hunting Info - A Summary

deer in woodsIn summary, you must learn to smell, see, and hear as a deer does. Also, you must even learn how they think. What alarms them? What travel routes will they take? How does this all change during the rut? You need to control your scent, first and foremost, and hunt downwind from the deer. On a dead-still day, you must take extreme care in the noise your make since one or two missteps on a twig or branch may alert a deer a several hundred yards away. And you will want to stay hidden. This involves using good camouflage clothing and brushing in your ground blind or your tree stand. And you will want to select a good stand location. Generally, a stand should be between the bedding area and food source, in a location that offers the deer cover as they travel. Deer scouting can help you determine good stand locations. And finally, know the patterns of bucks during the rut. Hunting with a gun is much the same as hunting with a bow, except that your gun hunt may coincide with the rut, where as much early season bow hunting is done before the rut. Also, with a gun you have the luxury of setting up much farther away from where you expect deer to travel.

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Deer Hunting

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Hope this page is helpful in getting you started deer hunting!


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