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How to Call or Rattle in a Deer

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How to Call and Rattle in a Deer - A Summary

Calling Deer is an art. If you simply blow on the call loudly and frequently, you probably will do more harm to your hunt than good. Rather, you should employ the following strategy: 1. Use the right call at the right time. It is near impossible to describe the "right" call in words, but the audio files in the linked article below and the videos below will give you actual examples and when and how to use the call. 2. Do not overdo it. Remember that the call allows the deer to pinpoint you. You should call to bring them in the general area but then give them time and pay close attention. Also, if you call too loudly or aggressively, you can alert and scare rather than attract.

Rattling in Bucks is a well-known method for bringing in big bucks during the peak rut. As indicated by most, rattling should be limited to one 30 second to 1 minute session every 15 minutes to an hour, combined with some calling.. Rattling not only brings deer to you, it also discloses your location, so one should assume they will come in downwind from you - see this page for tips on how to set up. Also, taking a long break and closely watching allows you to spot an approaching buck. Most experts say pre-rut rattling should be either avoided or done in a more subdued manner than during the peak rut. If no mature bucks are in the area or the buck to doe ratio is low, heavy rattling can actually scare the bucks you have off the property.

Samples of Deer Call Audio Soundbites - This page features audio soundbites of each type of deer call that you can listen to. It also describes where the call is used. How to Call Deer, and When Not to Call - This very good video explains the different calls to use. Also, it describes when NOT to use a call. Rattling a Deer in During the Rut and in Early Season - This page gives some great info on where to set up as you rattle and what type of rattling to use at different times of the season. Some nice diagrams!
Rattling in a Buck - This video demonstrates how to use a set of antlers to rattle in a buck. Also shows how to use a rattle bag. How to Rattle in a Buck - A vdeo that demonstrates how to rattle in a buck with some commentary. Questions & Answers Relating to Calling and Rattling - There are many questions asked and answered relating to calling and rattling in bucks and does of all sizes on this page.

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